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Willoughby homeowner shares their journey to success

Building your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most families. It's a journey that requires careful planning, budgeting, and choosing the right builder to make your vision a reality.

In this report, we spoke with Phil Paris, a homeowner in Willoughby, New South Wales, who has recently completed a major renovation, to learn how he chose his builder.

Phil spoke about his experience building his dream home with bespoke builder Skope Constructions.

When asked how he chose Skope Constructions among the many builders available, Phil said, "I've known John Carolan [Skope Constructions owner] for quite a while, and I've seen the work he's done on previous projects.

"To me, it all comes down to the quality of what they do and whether you can trust the person. Selecting the right person is key," said Phil.

Phil and his family were renovating their home, and they brought in Skope Constructions early on a cost-plus arrangement. 

Phil noted some challenges they faced in the early stages of the project, including a lack of documentation and wet weather.

However, he credited Skope Constructions for helping them navigate these challenges.

"John helped us with the design component. Through his work, we listened and learned and had him involved in helping direct us on what to actually install and do that would be cost-effective but also fit for purpose in terms of the overall outcome," Phil said.

Phil was impressed with the honesty and integrity displayed by Skope Constructions, particularly owner John. 

"John doesn't promise the world. He's more straight, and he'll tell you where the issues will be in your construction, which helps you identify areas of risk, and he'll manage those effectively," said Phil.

"He's not going to give you a proposal that's undercooked, so it's lower, and then comes in and win the job and try and make money out of it during the process.

"He'll be straight and honest with you from day one."

When it came to making sure the project stayed on time and on budget, Phil said that John and his management of the project were crucial. 

"John would send a monthly report to us on where we were tracking on time and cost,"
said Phil.

"He was also always updating me on a regular basis on where we were at on the project. I felt very comfortable with that."

Finally, Phil praised John's building expertise and how it helped with the design ideas. 

"John brought a rational approach to [the design process]. We were often meeting and talking about different opportunities in the design.

John has an eye for design, and it becomes an eye for getting things done efficiently and what's the right thing to do for you as a client," Phil said.

Are you looking at refurbishing your Aged Care centre, then talk to John Carolan from Skope Constructions on 02 9659 8461.