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How did Pacific Link Housing save $100,000 on their new Canton Beach development?

We reveal how Pacific Link Housing saved $100,000 on a community housing project by choosing Skope Constructions.

"The demand for community housing is increasing," says the Chairman of Pacific Link Housing, Wal Edgell.
"We have a waiting list of 12,000 people in need of affordable housing in the region."

To meet this demand, Pacific Link Housing decided to take matters into its own hands and build housing independently, but it soon faced a series of challenges.

"The site we acquired at Canton Beach, was a former drug and rehabilitation centre and came with its own set of problems, including asbestos," says Wal.

"However, with the help of Skope Constructions, we were able to rid the site of asbestos and minimize the cost of the removal."
The site at Canton Beach was located in a flood zone, making it crucial to design the building in a way that would not be impacted by a flood.

"Skope Constructions helped with the design, ensuring adequate flow around the building to avoid any potential problems in the event of a flood," Edgell explains.

"They were proactive in ironing out any construction or design issues.

"They helped to minimize costs, which was a great benefit, especially considering our financial constraints as a registered charity."

In conclusion, Wal Edgell highly recommends Skope Constructions to anyone who commits to a project that involves millions
of dollars.

"The combination of skills that John and Brent brought to the table, as well as their understanding of the financial side of the project, is what stood out to us," he says.

"We are working on our third project with Skope Constructions, a 14-unit development, and are confident that it will be successful as well."

The success of the project at Canton Beach is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of Skope Constructions.
Pacific Link Housing's partnership with them serves as a model for how such projects can be completed successfully and efficiently, saving valuable resources for those in need.

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