Excellence In Housing Awards 2023 Winner

Aged Care Accommodation

Skope Constructions is at the forefront of the changing landscape of Aged Care in Australia. As a leading builder, we are partnering with Aged Care providers to create bespoke facilities for accommodation, dementia care, and disability support centres.

 Our goal is to help reshape expectations for support and residential living by setting new standards in specialised care, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Master Planning

Our solutions are led by your goals and model of care, from small fit-outs to site masterplans which lay out future development. We take a holistic approach to master planning, considering all aspects of the project, including design principles, financial viability, and operational efficiencies.

Design Prinicples

At Skope Constructions, we translate design principles into environments which empower residents with greater authority, comfort, privacy, and social connectedness. We understand the balance of expertise required to create outstanding aged care facilities, including operational knowledge, design, cost control, and building expertise. We are at the forefront of applying the small household model, designing for residents living with dementia, and creating facilities that promote greater wellbeing.

Financial Viability 

We recognise that financial viability is increasingly difficult in the aged care sector, particularly for smaller and regionally-based aged care providers. We partner with aged care providers to help them leverage their capabilities and explore diversification of services such as expanding into disability accommodation and child care. Our solutions also harness operational efficiencies and cost savings, such as reduced building maintenance, lower energy consumption, and integrated technologies to support staff prouctivity.

Operating in Live Environments

 Skope Constructions has exceptional experience in working within occupied facilities and residences. We work closely with aged care providers to ensure operations are maintained seamlessly, and site access, staging of works, and other activities are conducted to the highest standards of safety, underpinned by constant communication. We are committed to your reputational leadership in the community, engaging local contractors and proactively working in your best interests.

At Skope Constructions, we understand the complex landscape of aged care in Australia and have the experience and know-how to help you.

We are partnering with aged care providers in a strategic capacity, positioning their organisations for growth and sustainability. Our team of experts is committed to creating bespoke facilities that promote exceptional care, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create outstanding aged care facilities.