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IDEXX Laboratories' Expansion: The result of choosing the best builder for their fitout

Insights from the former Managing Director on how IDEXX saved time and money on their office fitout

In today's business world, saving time and money on a commercial fit-out is a major priority for Managing Directors. One company that successfully achieved this goal is IDEXX Laboratories, and in this article, we will learn how they did it.

In an interview with the former Managing Director of IDEXX Laboratories, Tim White, we will delve into the process they went through to save time and money on their $900,000 commercial fit-out project.

"We ran a tender process, and we went out to the market," Tim explains.

"We were expanding at a rapid rate, and our business was requiring a new facility.

"Our existing landlord offered us an opportunity to relocate within the business park, and we had to move within a very short amount of time."

The fit-out included a laboratory operation, administrative functions, a distribution warehouse, a service centre, and customer service and support.

The goal was to find an appropriate location and have a fit-out partner that could meet their needs both from a fit-out perspective and on time and budget.

Tim reveals that the company chose Skope Constructions for their fit-out work because of their understanding of their needs and the confidence and trust that Skope would deliver on time and
within budget.

"We had three construction companies tendering for the fit-out work, and Skope Constructions took the time and effort to understand what we required from an outcome perspective," Tim says. 

"They also took the time to appreciate what we needed from a budgetary point of view and still have an appropriate outcome from a fit-out perspective.

"It was a collaborative decision across the business to go with Skope Construction, and we were very happy that we chose them in the end."

One of the challenges in this particular project was the power supply, which was crucial for running a group of Laboratories.
Tim explains that they had underestimated the power infrastructure, but Skope was able to help bring it up to capacity, ensuring there was no downtime in their 24/7 operation.

"They were also able to engage some appropriate contractors to come in and give us the advice as well through the Skope network to ensure that it met not only the current needs but the future needs for growth," Tim says.

In conclusion, IDEXX Laboratories was able to save time and money on their commercial fit-out project by choosing the right fit-out partner, Skope Constructions. Skope's understanding of their needs, confidence, trust in delivering on time and budget, and ability to solve problems, such as the power supply, were key factors in the success of the project.

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